Survived Everything

This project was based on the 1910s art movement called DADA. DADA was an art form that went against all traditional artistic values. For us it was very random. We cut up a newspaper article, put the pieces in a bag, and picked them out one at a time to create a poem. I chose an article I wrote for the school newspaper about my church’s music venue (shameless plug) and the poem that came out of it was interesting the say the least.

Lauren newspaper 1

From there we took it into photoshop and manipulated the text so it was more random and more … DADA. I pressed some sort of button on accident and the text went wild and I rolled with it. From there we made transparencies of our image.

Lauren newspaper 1

With the transparencies, we brought in items to lay on top of them to create our sunprint. I brought in matches (some of which were broken), two plastic knives, and some old placebo pills that I never took. We blindly (cause it was in the dark) laid our transparencies and our objects on top of light sensitive paper and brought them outside to let the sun do it’s thing. After about 5 minutes or so in the sun and a day spent drying in the dark room, we were left with our final image.

Lauren sunprint