everything is blue…

This project was really hard for me to get started on, but when I finally got going it went very quickly. We did a lot of research on patterns from different cultures and what makes a pattern a “good one.” I sketched a lot (for like 5 days actually), but couldn’t come up with anything. I’ve always been inspired by Celtic patterns and knot work. I tried designing a pattern based off of the knots on my old Irish dance dress, but that wasn’t really working out. I loved the idea of interlace, and on the final day of the pattern unit I thought of connecting squares together in a sort of pyramid shape. My friend and table mate recommended a way to combine the pyramid shapes to repeat them and my pattern was born.

We made mockups using our patterns and I’ve included a few. With the amount of time I spent on this project thinking, I’m really happy with the way a simple shape made something look so complicated in the end. I tend to lean on the side of simpler, bold designs. And I think this shows in my design. This piece, even though it looks busy and complicated, is really quite simple.