We did so much research before doing this project. We learned about the Chicano movement and the African American civil rights movement. We also talked to some teachers here at the high school who lead a trip about black culture. I wanted to help bring awareness to minorities and their struggles, but didn’t want to cross a line. I’m a white woman from the suburbs of Minneapolis. I have a lot of privilege. And I wanted to use that privilege to help change stereotypes or bring awareness. Originally I wanted to focus on lack of diversity in the beauty industry, especially when it comes to face products, but unfortunately time constraints and other factors meant I needed to come up with a new idea. A friend of mine said something about unity, and it clicked. I knew that the next best thing would be focusing on the idea that we as different cultural need to stand together. We need to unite, but focus on our differences because that is what makes us unique and strong. I asked a few classmates to hold hands and stand next to each other in the hallway so I could take a picture. From there I removed the wall and floor and added a picture of the world.

Considering I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea for the poster originally, I’m actually really pleased with what I was able to put together. I was kind of disappointed towards the end of the process. This was the last project, and I knew I could do better, so to make something that wasn’t my best upset me. Once I was finished however, I was very happy with the final result.