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Personal Anecdotes

Anniversaries … Not My Thing

Anniversaries aren't really my thing. I've never exactly had a significant date to remember that hasn't at some point caused some sort of emotional/physical damage! This time around, I was reminded that 4 years ago I got my foot cut... Continue Reading →


Top Albums of 2017

hooo my goodness was this year a good one for music. Here are some of my favorites from this year. In all honesty, there should be more on this list, but these few were definitely listened to religiously. In no... Continue Reading →

Amazing Grace

Around a year and a half ago a few of my friends put on this thing simply called "Worship Night". Since then we've watched it grow into this amazing community of people. It's gotten an official name: Grace House. And... Continue Reading →

I Miss Dancing

I've been trying to write this post for at least 8 months now. Seriously, if you look at my drafts there's like 3 pages all trying to say the same thing in different ways: I really fricken miss dancing. Now,... Continue Reading →

titles r dum

I've been struggling with the whole concept of school for a little bit now. I used to bs my way through it so I could pass, but now its gotten to a point where I genuinely don't know how I'm... Continue Reading →


My brain is all over the place today. Literally switching from one thing to another to another at lightning speed and I don't know how to¬†feel or what's going on. I think I'm sad but I don't really know anymore.... Continue Reading →

First Post!

So I figured I might as well try to actually start a blog after trying to on my SICK WEBSITE¬†about a month ago and failing miserably. I mainly wanna use this for the photography thing. I'm gonna tell you about... Continue Reading →

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