Luck is in the Air

I really enjoyed the cause for this project. We were using art to bring awareness to bats due to the huge decrease in bat populations recently. We researched bats and what they do. One thing that stood out to me was the idea that in Chinese culture, bats are considered lucky. I was trying to help change the public’s view on bats by making them seem friendly and cute.

Because this design was for a button, I wanted the design to be as simple as possible. I chose a monochromatic color scheme and used as little detail as I could while still getting the concept across.

I made a bat the 4th leaf on a clover to represent the luck that bats bring and that they represent. I liked the pastel colors of “pastel bat” so I took the same bat from the original design, added bigger eyes and removed the mouth. The other design was a joke. People took it seriously, though… I’m really happy with the concept I came up with and the final product. I think its cute and fun, and can actually help change the public’s view on bats.