Photo by Josiah Davie


My name is Lauren. I’m a 17 year old girl from Minnesota who’s trying to make a living pressing a shutter button and changing some colors on a laptop. I’m a photographer! I got my own website and everything!

I really enjoy taking pictures of musicians, people, dogs, Irish dancers, what ever sport my little brother happens to be playing at the time, and things I just think look cool. My goal as of now, however, is to tour with a band as their photographer at some point. I got a little bit to wait because school is a thing that has to happen, but you’re gonna catch me on the road someday. That’s a promise 🙂

I Irish Danced both recreationally and competitively for about 11 years. Broke my foot once and 5 years and about a bazillion injuries later I decided to call it quits. It’s kind of a bummer, but I was lucky enough to have photography to fill my time after I retired. It’s definitely the best way to still be involved in the dance world.

Now instead of dancing all around the twin cities, I go to concerts. All types of bands, all over the place (can’t lie though, THE GARAGE is basically my second home). I found the local scene and got hooked. Made a lot of friends through it and experienced a lot because of it. Definitely would not be where I am with my photography if I didn’t find local music when I did.

As you have probably guessed, I tend to ramble. It’s a thing that happens more often that not. BUT if you read all this I appreciate you checkin out my blog and maybe also my website, cause it is a thing  I’m quite proud of.