This year was a crazy one for me as a photographer. I learned so much, improved A LOT, was able to buy new equipment, and I got to shoot so many different people and so many different shows. I experienced sooooo much this year and I’m grateful and excited to see how far I’ve come. I’m posting my favorite picture (or pictures… we’ll see) from each month this year!

As I’m coming up to my 18th birthday and high school graduation it will be interesting to see where I’m able to go from here. Really excited to see what 2018 will bring.

January – Villain of the Story//Minneapolis, MNvillain of the story (23 of 55).jpg

This was the first show I shot that I used lightroom to edit with. I remember being soooo excited about how much better I would become because I had better editing software. This was the first show of the year I can remember being really stoked about my shots and having other people being stoked on them too.

February – Stephanie//Minneapolis, MN

minneapolis (28 of 41).jpg

This was the first time my best friend Steph and I hung out outside of school. We went to the Weisman Art Museum and wandered around Minneapolis for a while. I obviously brought my camera and I took this. This was the first candid portrait I was ever super excited about. The movement of her hair and the way I was able to edit because of lightroom was awesome and I was really proud of myself.

March – Corda Mor Irish Dance//Twin Cities, MN

cordamor-3.11.17 (81 of 88).jpg

This was my first St. Patrick’s Day not dancing. I’m not gonna lie, it was terrible. I loved watching and going around watching my old studio perform around the cities, but it was still bittersweet. I love this picture because I was sitting on the ground at the mall between a bunch of people and got Megan at (almost) the height of her click. I love that you can see all the people watching because that’s like 95% of the fun of St. Patrick’s Day performances.

April – I See Stars//St. Paul, MN

i see stars (7 of 19)

I remember getting maybe 4 solid pictures from this show, but the ones I got I was beyyyoooonddddd excited about. I was really proud of how I was able to edit this one in particular. Looking back at it, I’m still really excited that Devin was in focus!

May – Minneapolis Feis//St. Paul, MN


This year I was asked to photograph O’Shea’s double feis weekend in St. Paul. I love the excitement and emotion of awards at dance competitions and this photo sums all that up. Ava was shocked she placed overall and Alyssah was super excited about it. I may have blinded myself with my speedlight but it was totally worth it *insert laugh emoji*

June – Karis and Arlo//Plymouth, MN

karis (9 of 9)

I did a portrait special in June once school got out so my high school aged friends could get pictures done at a price they could afford. Karis was the first person to take up that offer and she brought her new kitten. This was one of the first few portrait sessions I shot with my Sigma Art Lens. I bought the 35mm in late May myself which was way too exciting for me because I was able to buy it with the money I had been making from photography. That was huge for me.

July – Thousand Below & Villain of the Story//Burnsville, MN

thousand below (9 of 9)

villain of the story - 7.6.17 (7 of 7)

July has two because I wanted to include both this live shot of Thousand Below and one of the promos I took of Villain of the Story. The photo of Thousand Below was probably my favorite from that show. That edit was definitely the start of my love for black and whites. I still love it and as an added bonus, it’s still the guitarist’s avatar on twitter.

Villain of the Story asked me to shoot some new promos at their show. Now I’m not gonna go off and say they’re fantastic, because looking back there are so many things I would change, however it was still really exciting to be able to do that. This photo in particular was an adventure to take. We were in a corner, my lens wasn’t quite wide enough, and my ass almost fell off the chair I was standing on. When they played Warped Tour later that month, I was able to hand out sampler CDs and business cards with my photo on it. That was somethin else.

August – Deadweight – Somewhere in the East, USA

virginia-deadweight themed (3 of 5).jpg

My mom, brother, and I went on a road trip to visit some family in North Carolina. This was literally 3 days after Deadweight by Wage War came out and I was all kinds of inspired. They have a vinyl that’s dark blue and pink and between that and Luis Velez’s photos of Wage War I wanted to put my own spin on it. There’s a certain emotion that I associate with pictures of trees like this. I can’t name it, but its a thing I promise…

September – Nomad//Hastings, MN

NOMAD (22 of 50).jpg

Nomad hired me for the first time back in January last minute when their usual photographer couldn’t make it last minute. I worked with them maybe 5 more times in 2017. They were one of, if not the first band, to support me as a photographer in this way. It’s been so awesome getting to know and shooting them across the state. This picture was taken at a bar in a smaller town during a local metal festival. I remember working that morning, going to take senior pictures, and immediately driving an hour or so for their 11:30 pm set that legally I wasn’t allowed at.

October – Najma//Wayzata, MN & Self Portrait//Portland Area, OR


This is another month that warrants more than one photo. The first one was during a senior session I had with one of my friends. I made her stand in a plant outside of a restaurant in Downtown Wayzata. It turned out really magical and looks like its in some sort of fancy fairy forest rather than in a planter.

The other photo was from a weekend trip my mom and I took to Oregon. This was at one of the lookouts over the Columbia River Gorge. I set my tripod up and used my remote to set off the shutter. It’s simple but I love how it looks. The background is GORGEOUS and I believe because my face isn’t showing I don’t take away from that beauty. I match the background and I just sort of exist in it which is cool.

November – House//St. Louis, MO

house (1 of 1).jpg

I didn’t shoot all that much for myself in November. I had to do roughly 50 headshots for my school paper and that drained me. My family went to Missouri for Thanksgiving and my grandma/great aunts drove us around where they grew up. This particular house was on the property of a huge park in the city.

December – Glass Houses//Burlington, IA

Glass Houses (6 of 22)

In December I got to drive 11ish hours roundtrip to Iowa with my friend/talented photographer Maia for about a three hour show to shoot Glass Houses and Villain of the Story. Talk about a party. Both bands call the Twin Cities home, and its always enjoyable to go out and support them. I shot the home date of the tour in Burnsville the next evening running on literally no sleep, but it was sooo worth it.I got to use the newest addition to my lens family (17-50 2.8) and it was the best way to close out the year shooting and going to shows. I love watching and supporting these bands, and I love them and their music with all my heart.

This year was insane for me. I bought two new lenses: my 35mm 1.4 back in May, and my 17-50 mm 2.8 on a whim when it was hella on sale in November. I bought LIGHTROOM!!! I shot 28 shows this year, completing my goal of doing at least one a month. I shot 18 seniors, 2 groups for prom, a gender reveal, a family shoot, my brother’s baseball team walking Target Field, 3 sets of promos (totally just remembered that I went to Wisconsin to take behind the scenes/promo photos for a band at the studio), did a kick ass month ling workshop with Darin Kamnetz, shot for a church that I’m now super involved in, worked as the photographer for 4 feiseanna, took my camera traveling around the country, and snapped pics of my friends. I genuinely cannot wait to see what’s next.