So I’m doing this nifty little workshop thing at The Garage this month, and I’m really excited about it. It’s a course about concert photography led by Darin Kamnetz, a freelance photographer whos client list includes City Pages, Go Media, and First Avenue. I took this class once before, but it was only one night instead of four, so I didn’t have the opportunity to learn as much as I did over the past few weeks. This workshop was incredible and I’m really bummed that its over.

20045355_10155488894815912_1183708163475906228_oDAY 4

This final class was talking mainly about promo pictures. We got to mess around with Darin’s lighting set up with some help from the band Color Tab! This was technically my third time taking promos, but getting to play around with colored flashes and a band I didn’t know the people in was such a good experience.

color tab (2 of 4)color tab (3 of 4)color tab (4 of 4)color tab (1 of 4)

The rest of the night was spent taking pictures of some really great bands, one of which happened to be fronted by a friend of mine from school, and it was really cool to watch him do his thing for the first time. I made a gif of him doin his fancy little dance moves that can be found HERE because unfortunately wordpress doesn’t support gifs) Here are the rest of the pictures, hope you enjoy!