So I’m doing this nifty little workshop thing at The Garage this month, and I’m really excited about it. It’s a course about concert photography led by Darin Kamnetz, a freelance photographer whos client list includes City Pages, Go Media, and First Avenue. I took this class once before, but it was only one night instead of four, so I didn’t have the opportunity to learn as much as I will over the next few weeks.



This week’s topic was editing. We learned how to choose the our best photos, different ways to edit and editing programs, and the benefits of shooting RAW. Because this week was about editing, I challenged myself to not use ANY of the lightroom presets I’ve already made. I stepped out side of my comfort zone a bit and got creative with the way I went about things and I’m really stoked on a lot of what I came up with. If you caught up with me last class you’ll remember be writing that I wasn’t able to keep track of all the bands.. well the same can be said for this week too. Very sorry about that. Band name or not I hope you enjoy! Because it was editing day I figured I would change it up and display the photos as Before and Afters!